About Differentia


Premium co-living house shares for Bexley


Creating a community of likeminded professionals


Invest in building a co-living portfolio in London borough of Bexley

About us

We are about providing inspiring environments where people can connect and collaborate together, and are very passionate about creating spaces where professionals can call home. 

Our homes are designed to give comfort and bring people together, creating an atmosphere for likeminded people to have fun.

We provide beautifully designed spaces for our customers to be happy and comfortable.

Our Goal

At differentia property, we strive to provide high quality house shares with great care and attention to detail and that means working with agents and landlords to get suitable properties for our clients.


Differentia Property was founded by Jennifer Okoh who has acquired a wealth of experience in the property industry and as a landlord, and is redefining the concept of house share for today’s professionals. A mathematics graduate with previous experience in retail banking and accountancy, Jennifer is very passionate about creating spaces where professionals can relax, connect and live.