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Differentia Co-living

Inspiring co-living environments around Bexley.

We believe people deserve a better quality of life and deserve to live in quality homes. At Differentia, we provide good quality accommodations to professionals, a place to relax and call home. 

Our properties all boast convenient, central locations, modern designs and facilities to create highly desirable spaces that professionals are happy to call home. 

Register your interest and we’ll take it from there. Our process ensures that we have the right people living in our properties.
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Why choose Differentia Property?

  • Great Locations
  • All Bills Included
  • Weekly Cleaner
  • WIFI & Netflix
  • A community of like-minded professionals

I love living in my differentia home, I have met some great people who are now my friends and help me with my life and career. Co-living has enabled me to get a great job in London and a foothold on my career.

John Smith Differentia Tenant